Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knock Knock, Anyone home?

Chloe loves to play with her dollhouse! She makes the little people "walk" around everywhere. Here is her new trick.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Digital Scrapbook Pages

I have recently gotten into digital scrapbooking. It is how I got into blog design as well. I thought I would post my digital scrapbook pages here as well so that everyone else can enjoy them. I am also having them all printed out and put into the traditional scrapbook.

Here are a few from the past year. Look at how different she looks!

These are from a book I am making of her first year. I only have 2 pages done.

New Pictures

We went to Picture People a few weeks ago and got Chloe's One Year pictures taken. They turned out so great! I do apologize for the huge word across the pics. These are the preview images that I am uploading for you to see. We ordered copies without the Zazzle! :-)
The first 2 are our favorites! I just want to eat her up in these pics. You can really see her little personality! The other little girl is my niece. (My sister Kelly's little girl Cally)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Granny

So this post isn't really about Chloe but it is about my family. My Granny passed away last Friday morning. She was 91 and had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I thought I had prepared myself for her death. However, it has hit me really hard. I have always been very close to my Granny (and she was not always the easiest to get along with) However, she loved me. She loved me unconditionally and without fail. She was such a constant in my life and I am having a hard time realizing that she won't be there anymore. In an effort to help myself deal with her death, I am blogging about her. (You are so lucky to be one of my readers!) I thought I would post some pictures of her. Looking at pictures has been very therapeutic for me. So here goes.

<------This picture is of Granny (Louise) and my PaPa (G.T) soon after they were married. 1940 I think.

<-----This picture is of Granny and PaPa on some vacation. I have no idea what year that was. I think she was around 45 or 50? I just love this pic. You will notice in most of the pictures of them, she lays her head on his shoulder. So sweet!

This is Granny being goofy. I think this was in St. Augustine at the old jail. ------->

This is just a pretty one of her walking down the street. I think this is in Macon in the 50's or maybe the 40's.

She loved Chloe so much and was so proud of her. At her funeral service one of the preachers said that Granny talked about Chloe all the time. She was constantly showing him pictures and telling him all about her. On a side note, that same pastor told my mom before the service that Granny talked about me and Chloe everytime he visited. He said that she was so proud of me, my faith in God, our love story, and our baby Chloe. He said that she often showed him pictures of our wedding or the baby and just talked about us. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. How about a funny Granny story for you all. This used to be so embarassing to me. :-) Many of you who know Ryan and I in real life know that we saved ourselves for marriage. Well, Granny just thought this was wonderful and loved to tell everyone that she knew. I had made this committment many years ago. When I would come to visit Granny at the assistive living homes and nursing home she would always introduce me like this...."Hi Mrs. Whoeveryouare, This is my granddaughter Christi. (in a whispered tone) She is saving herself for marriage" Mind you I am standing there and can hear her. What exactly was I supposed to say. I always just smiled and let her have her fun. She even did this with the old men who lived in the homes. That was really fun! Once Ryan came along she added him to the equation and just told everyone about us both! Ok, enough personal and slightly embarassing stories for today!

Now for my favorites. We were able to have Granny over here at the house twice since moving back to Perry. She came to our Memorial Day cookout and then she was her for Chloe's first b-day. Here are those priceless pictures!

Notice is the last picture where it looks like Chloe is pinching Granny's arm. It looks like that because Chloe was pinching Granny's arm. :-) She was playing with her skin. It was so cute.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Use your Words!

I thought I would make a little post to document all the words that Chloe is saying. She is quite talkative. (Don't know where she got that from??) She is also using a little bit of sign language as well. I will have to add more if I think of any. I think she is doing well though.

ma ma
I love you
what's that?


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Family Pictures

Sorry I have been so lax in posting lately. I do have lots of things to share but I will get to most of those posts later in the week. I did want to share our family pictures that we had done a couple of weeks ago. We went down to Panama City for a long weekend vacation and this is what we came back with. I love them so much!

There are many more but these are my favorites!