Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chloe is turning Two!

The many faces of our little princess

Picking Strawberries

Meet Slippers the Kitten

We have another new pet...yes another one.. We might be insane. Most of you know that we recently got a Golden Retriever puppy named Charlie. Well, we decided that he seemed lonely so we got him a pet cat.. well kitten. Eventually she will stay outside some of the time with him to keep him company. For now, she is inside with us and she has become Chloe's own personal plaything. It is quite entertaining. Chloe just totes Slippers where ever it is she might be going. If Chloe is dancing, then so is the kitten. If Chloe is watching Blue's Clues then so is the cat. If Chloe is taking a nap, then the cat is forced to at least try to take one as well. (see pictures below) Here are some pictures of Chloe with Charlies' cat.
Ah and lest I forget Chloe's attempt at "helping" us feed the kitten.. We found this in our bathroom upon retiring one evening. Apparently, she wanted to feed the cat and the whole bag seemed like a good serving size to her. I bet she was proud of herself at first but then realized what a mess she made. For some reason she never came and told us about this feat (which she usually would) Kind of cute really.
Taking a nap with the Kitty....