Monday, June 30, 2008

Here duckie duckie! Fine then, Here fishy fishy!

We stopped by a local lake last week to let Chloe feed the ducks. They were being shy and swam the other way so we fed the fish instead. Now they were tee-tiny little fish but
we fed them just the same. Here are a few pictures of Chloe that day.

Walking with Chloe...Walking everyday...Walking all the way...

Does anyone even know the tune I am singing in the blog title? Probably not...old childhood memory. Back to the big news!

CHLOE IS WALKING!!!! She started walking about 2 weeks ago. She is still kind of gun shy about the whole thing. She will walk for about 10 steps and then seems to realize that crawling would be so much faster. I am working on getting a good video of that! I just had to share though. I am so proud of her!

ook! ook!

ook= book

It also equals look so you have to really pay attention to this gal!

We took Chloe to the library last week for the first time. They have a Tod
dler reading hour every Thursday. She did so great. She sat so still and just listened to the books. She tried to do the motions to The Itzy Bitzy Spider and she made her very first craft. It was a cute little picture frame for the refrigerator covered with bugs.

My Little Teething Queen

As I mentioned in a previous post, Chloe has been the Teething Queen!
In the last week she has had 3 of her top teeth pop through. It has been
quite the experience, let me tell you! There were a few days last week where
she was running a fever and generally feeling poopy. She didn't want to play or
anything. She just wanted to be held, sleep, or watch videos. So we made her
a little couch in the living room (out of our couch cusions) and she hung out and
watched Elmo videos. She was pitiful but oh so cute. I am still attempting to get pictures of those cute little teeth. She is not being very cooperative.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nothing to do with Chloe...exactly

So I found the cutest clothes for little girls at the greatest blog. This lady makes beautiful clothes. Well, she is giving away one of her outfits and all I have to do is write a blog telling you wonderful people about the contest. So, here is how it works. You to can win this cute little outfit. Write your own blog about the contest and then go to the website and leave your link in her comment section. Go here for better instructions. I hope that one of us wins!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer 2008

Well, Summer is in full swing here in Georgia. We are having a great time despite the heat. I thought I would share a few pictures of all of our fun.
This first picture is obviously of Chloe's foot and her first "pedicure." Mommy was painting her toenails one day last week and Chloe was so interested. She took the closed bottle of paint and touched it to her own toes. Mommy thought that was too cute and gave in and painted her cute little toes. She sat pretty still for the process...even the drying.

This next set of pictures involves hairbows...lots of hairbows. She has a lot of them and loves for us to put them in her hair. One day she kept handing them to Mommy so Mommy kept putting them in her hair. This is the result. :-) In the second one she is reading her favorite book- "Ten in the Bed". We read it several times a day- Chloe's choice.

Now for some more pool pictures. We mentioned in a previous post that Chloe loves to swim. Luckily for us, Nana and Papa have a pool. Here are some of the newest pool pics.

Pinching Mommy's nose. (Did you guys know that when you pinch someones nose- it makes this crazy honking noise. Mommy's nose makes a high pitched honk while Papa and Daddy's makes a deeper honk- Thanks to Papa for introducing that one. We will never get our noses back) :-)



As you all know, Chloe just turned one. In so many ways this year has been the longest of my life. I feel like she has been a part of our life forever. It also might feel like such a long year due to my utter know she still won't sleep through the night- although she is making such great progress. I digress...
I started looking through old photos and videos of those first few weeks with her and when doing that- it seems like only yesterday. I can't help but be a bit emotional about the whole thing. I am so happy that she is growing up and I am having so much fun being her mommy. On the other hand, I feel like despite all the perfect strangers telling me to "enjoy it- It goes by so fast"
I sort of missed it. I mean I didn't really but somedays it feels that way. My favorite thing about looking at all these old pictures is seeing her little personality in them- things I probably missed when she was so young. I mean I didn't know her personality then. But now that I know her, I see other things. I know I am babbling. On with the pictures.

All of these were taken at the hospital- that incredibly long 5 day hospital stay. Now that is a blur to me!
Photobucket Photobucket
In the posts below you will find some of the first videos of Chloe that we took. I hope you enjoy reminiscing as much as we did!

Chloe's first few moments of life...

Getting used to the world...

Her going home outfit...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Terrible Teething

Things have been a bit off around the Evangelo household this week. Chloe is cutting her 2 top teeth and it has not been pretty- well, she is pretty and even the incoming teeth are pretty, it's just the ensuing pain and crying fits have not been pretty. She got her 2 bottom teeth several months ago and we never really had any issues during that time.

This time however, she has every symptom of teething in the books... swollen gums, lack of appetite, upset tummy, screaming fits, and just generally feeling poopy! Poor baby! We have given her baby tylenol, baby motrin, baby orajel, teething rings, and all natural teething tablets.
I am glad to say that they all seem to help. One of the teeth has cut through. We are just waiting on that one last straggler to come on out into the open.

We will be a much happier and better rested family once it does!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chloe Loves to Swim

Ok, That's all we had to say!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chloe's Party- Part 2

So, back to the party. Chloe had her first taste of cake. We don't let her have very much sugar so she was just entralled by the cake. She was so girly and dainty while she ate it. (see video) She would put just one finger into the icing and taste it. She did finally get a bit more involved with the cake but it took a while. Enjoy the pictures and videos.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chloe's 1st Birthday Party- Part 1

We had Chloe's party yesterday. It went really great. We had about 5 kids there plus family. The house was decorated in pink and green- Chloe and Mommies favorites! Mommie spent about 5 hours making her birthday cake from scratch. It turned out pretty good.

Chloe had the best time at her party. She loved opening gifts and she really liked it when everyone was singing

Happy Birthday to her! She had the cutest look on her face.

Stay tuned for more pictures (of Chloe eating CAKE!) and several videos!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Today is Chloe's 1st birthday! It hit me that she is now a toddler....made me a bit sad. It is so hard to believe that she isn't a newborn anymore. Everyone (and I do mean every single person we see-even strangers at Walmart) tells us how fast it is going to go. Today, I can see what they mean. It has gone so fast. However, in some ways it has seems like I have known her my whole life. It is the same with Ryan- I can't really remember what it was like to be me before I had him? Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

We are having her party on Sunday afternoon. I attached the invitation that I made. I am also making the cake...we will see how that goes.