Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chloe-Bug the Bumble Bee

I can't believe we haven't posted anything since September. Where did October go? Being a youth pastor has added a bit more to our plates but we are getting into the swing of things quite nicely. Ryan is loving his new job and I am still loving mine. I have started to do a little bit of "school" with Chloe. Yes, I know she is only 17 months old but it is never to early to learn your colors and shapes. She loves art time. I will have to post pictures of some of our projects. She also loves books. She brings me books to read to her all day long. We are having a great time.

Youth ministry is AWESOME! Ryan is a natural. I am really enjoying watching him step into the ministry that God has been preparing him for. The kids love him! We have our first trip coming up this month complete with a lock-in at the church. We will let you know if we survive.

Well we don't get too into the whole Halloween thing but we do enjoy Fall, pumpkins and dressing Chloe up for Oct. 31st. This year she was a bumble bee and she was the cutest one I have ever seen.

Here are some pictures. More to come later.

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Jo said...

Hey Christi,

Love the look of your blog n photos! Did you design it?

Great to hear your happenings as youth pastors! Awesome! Hope you guys settle in well.
Chloe's sooooo adorable!!! Looks like she's gonna get artsy amongst other talents!

God bless!