Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Smart Little Girl

Chloe has learned so much over the past couple of weeks. I just have to brag a bit. She has started "giving us 5" and will play ball with us. (we throw the ball to her and hold out our hand. She give it to us) She has also started hiding behind the curtains and playing "peek-a-boo" It is quite fun. We don't have any of it on video yet but will soon.

She has also started to give up kisses. We were all lying on our bed on Valentine's Day just hanging out. She decided to climb up to Ryan's face and lay one on him. ( you know those cute, wide open mouth baby kisses!) It was so adorable. She then decided that Mommie could have some too. It is now one of her favorite hobbies. We make kissy faces and she plants one on us!

She is still crawling all over the place. We turn our head and she is down the hall. She has also discovered drawers and cabinets. We will be heading to Babies'R Us this weekend to grab some babyproofing gear. :-)

She has also started to pull herself up with the couch or coffee table. She seems very surprised when she gets there and doesn't quite know what to do with herself.

On another note, we went to Alabama a couple of weekends ago to visit my Great Uncle Jimmy. He is 94 and still lives on his own so we all went over for a visit. (My parents, my brother, sister, and a couple other people) It was a great visit and Chloe had Great time. Uncle Jimmy was so exicted to meet her. I will be posting video and pictures from that really soon.

We don't have too many new pictures to share right now but I will try to take some this week and get them up. She is cuter than ever.

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