Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Changes are a coming fast!

It has been so long since I have written or posted anything. We have been so busy with things around here. Our big news is that Ryan got a job in Warner Robins at a place called Timco. It starts the week after he graduates (May 9th) We will be moving down to the town/county where Christi's parents live. We are all so excited. All this news means that we will be super busy for a while. We are in the process of looking for a house to buy down there are trying to get rid of our house up here. We think we are going to rent it out for a few years. We will keep you all updated on that front.

As for Chloe- My has she been changing! She is crawling EVERYWHERE! She pulls up on EVERYTHING! She put EVERYTHING she finds in her mouth!

Tonight she started taking steps while holding onto a table. It was pretty exciting. We have a video and I will post that tomorrow. She is getting so big. She is close to 20 pounds now. She is 9 months old! It is so hard to believe. She is growing so fast.

Her new favorite food is String Cheese! You would think that I was giving her chocolate or something. I will have to post some pics of that too. It's pretty funny!

Well, I am EXHAUSTED so I am off to bed. We have been painting and packing for days. Talk to you all later!

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julia said...

congrats ryan on the job! though us ATL mommies will miss you guys.