Friday, January 18, 2008

Chloe has something to say

Hi guys. Did you know that I can type now? Well depending how long you have been around my parents this might not come as a surprise. I had my own website/blog even while I was in Mommie's tummy. (

Well, let me just tell you about myself. I am almost 8 months old (on Feb 4) I have a head full of auburn hair. I get that from my Mommie. I look just like my Daddy other than the hair.
I am really enjoying trying to get around our house. I am scooting around on my tummy but I haven't quite figured out how to crawl yet. I am working on it though. Mommie and Daddy better watch out!

I also am learning how to talk. I try very hard to copy what my parents say. I can say Daddy, MaMa, hi, and bye. I even mimic Mommie when she says "I love you". Daddy also says that I am part dinosaur... I make the greatest growling noises. Mommie said she would put a video here really soon.

Well, I have things to explore but I will be writing more very soon!

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