Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chloe's first Boo Boo

Ok, so it has been a bit of a stressful day around here. We had been enjoying some relaxing time at home just getting some stuff done around the house. I (Christi) was hanging laundry while Chloe played on our bed...You already know what is coming don't you? I really was watching her closely and had pillows all around her. She is just quick. I turned my back to hang a dress in the closet and Chloe went tumbling to the ground. It was traumatic. (More for me than Chloe apparently). I screamed, she cried. Then I cried. I just felt horrible. She has a nice little goose egg on her forehead but seems to be fine other than that. She has been playing away happily ever since. I have learned my lesson well. She will not be falling any more if I can help it. I immediately started lowering the crib mattress just in case she learns to stand up in the crib and crawl over all in one night. There is no chance of that now. Ryan seems to know that she is fine. He has been calling her "BigHead" all afternoon. Are we surprised?

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Tara said...

Aww. Poor Chloe and poor Mom! I promise you, though, that she won't remember. :)