Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer 2008

Well, Summer is in full swing here in Georgia. We are having a great time despite the heat. I thought I would share a few pictures of all of our fun.
This first picture is obviously of Chloe's foot and her first "pedicure." Mommy was painting her toenails one day last week and Chloe was so interested. She took the closed bottle of paint and touched it to her own toes. Mommy thought that was too cute and gave in and painted her cute little toes. She sat pretty still for the process...even the drying.

This next set of pictures involves hairbows...lots of hairbows. She has a lot of them and loves for us to put them in her hair. One day she kept handing them to Mommy so Mommy kept putting them in her hair. This is the result. :-) In the second one she is reading her favorite book- "Ten in the Bed". We read it several times a day- Chloe's choice.

Now for some more pool pictures. We mentioned in a previous post that Chloe loves to swim. Luckily for us, Nana and Papa have a pool. Here are some of the newest pool pics.

Pinching Mommy's nose. (Did you guys know that when you pinch someones nose- it makes this crazy honking noise. Mommy's nose makes a high pitched honk while Papa and Daddy's makes a deeper honk- Thanks to Papa for introducing that one. We will never get our noses back) :-)


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