Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Terrible Teething

Things have been a bit off around the Evangelo household this week. Chloe is cutting her 2 top teeth and it has not been pretty- well, she is pretty and even the incoming teeth are pretty, it's just the ensuing pain and crying fits have not been pretty. She got her 2 bottom teeth several months ago and we never really had any issues during that time.

This time however, she has every symptom of teething in the books... swollen gums, lack of appetite, upset tummy, screaming fits, and just generally feeling poopy! Poor baby! We have given her baby tylenol, baby motrin, baby orajel, teething rings, and all natural teething tablets.
I am glad to say that they all seem to help. One of the teeth has cut through. We are just waiting on that one last straggler to come on out into the open.

We will be a much happier and better rested family once it does!

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